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Tourist Boat! Let's explore together the wonderful beaches of Symi!

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Poseidon Excursions Symi
Poseidon Excursions Symi
Poseidon Excursions Symi

We suggest you visiting some of the most beautiful beaches of Symi, through a daily cruise. Our traditional boat, POSEIDON, is making daily cruises from Yialos. Captain John is touring you around the island and its hidden beauties. He knows all the coves and sites and offers you the best tour, as he has been touring around the island for the last 20 years!

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Tour around Symi island

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The traditional boat POSEIDON makes daily cruises around the island. It is a magnificent excursion and a unique experience, worth experiencing. You will have the chance to see unique landscapes and swim in crystal clear waters.

The boat leaves the port of Yialos at 10.30am heading for either Maroni Bay or Agios Emilianos for the first stop. Maroni Bay is enchanting, and you can swim off the boat in the beautiful water. Agios Emilianos is a small monastery. This was built with money given by sponge divers after the Saint appeared in a vision to their skipper. It sits on an islet and the boat will moor at the jetty. This allows access to the small gem of a church which is definitely worth a visit. There is also another opportunity to swim.

The second stop is the Seal Cave. The boat will drop anchor here and you can swim into the cave. If you are lucky you may see the resident seal, Mr Alex. He is very shy but if you look carefully you may see his head popping out of the water as he has a look around at the visitors to his domain.

The next swimming stop will be either the Diavates Islands or Agios Vasilios Bay depending on the daily schedule. Diavates is a group of small islands and once again the anchor will be dropped allowing you to swim off the boat. Agios Vasilios Bay is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island and you will enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear water. If you wish you can swim to the beach for a bit of beachcombing.

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The fourth stop is always the island of Seskli. This is where you have a longer stop of 2 ½ hours and enjoy lunch. While the crew are barbequing the chicken and preparing the rest of the food, you can enjoy time on the beach, have a swim or explore the small island. Lunch is a feast of freshly prepared food and there is a seating area under the trees where you can relax in comfort while eating and enjoy a glass of wine.

The last stop on the way back is the magnificent Agios Georgios Bay. The water here is truly aquamarine. See if you can spy the Greek flag painted high up on the cliff face. It's a stunning beach as a rock of 300 m. height rises above it! Coffee and cookies are offered by the crew of POSEIDON after swimming.

The experience is completed by arriving back at the beautiful post of Symi having enjoyed an unforgettable day.

Please note that stops round the island may change according to weather conditions. In this case we inform passengers before starting.

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Combining mountain and sea

For those who love nature, exploring and walking, we suggest an alternative excursion that combines mountain climbing, descending to the sea and sailing…

If your physical condition allows it, the experience will be unforgettable. The tour takes place in May, June, September and October, when weather conditions are ideal for hiking.

This is an organized hiking trip. It starts from the port and is accompanied by a guide. The hiking lasts 2.5 hours and passes through mountain trails, which reveal the unique beauties of the mountainous Symi countryside.

The hiking ends at Saint Aemilianus. It is a small island which is joined to the mainland through a narrow path. This is also the spot where POSEIDON awaits hikers. We offer lunch and back at the port.

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About Symi

Symi is one of the most beautiful Dodecanese island. It features varying landscapes. The mountainous terrain with high mountains leads to beautiful beaches, small coves and crystal clear waters.

The town of Symi distinguishes for its aristocratic appearance. The neoclassic mansions are built amphitheatrically around the harbor creating a picture that looks like a painting. It consists of two beautiful and charming settlements. Both settlements have been designated preserved. Yialos which is the island’s harbor and Ano Symi or Horio that unfolds at the top of the hill on which the Castle of the Knights stands.

Symi is an island of great beauties, stunning landscapes and villages worth seeing. Outside the town, Symi has 4 other settlements, Emporio, Marathounta, Pedi and Panormitis with the famous homonym Byzantine monastery. Each of these villages will charm you for different reasons.